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I am your Real Estate Professional in Scottsdale Arizona. I help buyer’s find their dream homes and seller’s list their home to obtain the maximum value.

Home Staging:

Curb appeal is critical! Your yard should be trimmed; sidewalks and patios swept, and your front door should have a fresh coat of polyurethane or paint to create a great first impression. Buy a brand new elegant doormat and have some red flowers in a beautiful pot next to the entrance. This will tell the prospective Buyer that this home has been cared for.

Use your imagination to see your home through the Buyer’s eyes (I will help you with this very important step). Go through your home and take down personal items (family photo’s and portraits) and simplify. Since you are moving eventually, take down all your extra belongings and get ready for the move. We want the Buyer to see your home and imagine themselves living there. If your home is going to be vacant, I can also help you with staging the home for sale with the furniture that I personally own. A vacant home will take longer to sell and with this staging furniture there are no rental costs to you and your home will sell faster and for more money. The benefit of Staging your home is to Maximize Attributes, Minimize Flaws and Define the Space.

An investment in paint will pay for itself. If your home has a lot of color a nice neutral tone will appeal to most Buyers and give your home a warm inviting feel. By taking away the personal touches, this helps the new Buyer imagine them selves living there.

Repair any damaged or discolored caulking. Repair loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers, wobbly hinges, stuck windows, and broken doorbells are all negative items that are very easy to have fixed.

Put personal valuables away. This includes prescription medication, jewelry, keys, knives, sunglasses, weapons, and anything that can be easily pocketed.

Open the window blinds and have the windows cleaned so a Buyer can see how bright and cheery your home is. Remove sunscreens, as they will make a room feel dark. Dark and dreary rooms are not appealing.

Make lighting in your home the “Welcome Sign” for your home buying prospects. Please turn on all interior lights, including accent, niche and picture lights.

Low volume jazz music in the background sets a luxury tone in your home and makes it feel very inviting.

Place fresh sent plug-in’s by the front and back door of your home. This is very critical to the sense of cleanliness to the prospective Buyer.

Keep stairways and corridors completely clear of clutter, as it is unattractive to the Buyer.

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